Balmy days and cool crisp nights

Now that I have posted about the nip in the air….it has of course turned into an Indian Summer….the past few days have been *bliss* here with balmy hot windless days and cool crisp mornings and evenings. Ericas are in flower all over the mountainside and planning for propagating Spring flowering plants is underway.


Syncarpha in tiny flower…..delicate papery pink beauties.


Coastal tree area in the retail. You can tell its Autumn from the leaves on the tree!


Pelargonium reniforme. Its second name means “kidney-shaped” in Latin which is what the leaves are shaped like. Its bitter-tasting root has many medicinal properties.


Agapanthus seed head. We get excited about seed heads. Generally.


 Superboy with awesome Aloe afro.


Child of the Non-GMO corn.

Enjoy the sun, go for a mountain walk and come visit us soon!

One thought on “Balmy days and cool crisp nights

  1. I always enjoy your blog and the gorgeous pics! thank you, and see you next year.


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