For health and strength

Hand in hand with the chilly nights and cooler days come the sniffles and sneezes. Today Kingoftheplayground woke with a cold, so we decided to make a sun tea. Sun teas are fun and easy to make and retains all the vitamins and enzymes. We picked indigenous mint (Mentha longifolia), spearmint, pineapple mint and Echinacea leaves and placed them in a jar with raw honey, lemon and a rooibos teabag. Left in the sun for a few hours, it was so deliciously aromatic and delightful that even a sick 5 and a half-year old drank it all up quite happily. If anyone has ever had to try feed a 5 and a half-year old….well, then you know what I’m on about.

Sun tea

Another amazing medicinal Must Have Growing in your garden indigenous plant is……………….*drumroll*

Artemesia Afra.

Wonder plant. Cure all. Super star.

Those are just my common names for them. The real common names are

English name: African wormwood

Afrikaans name: Wildeals

Zulu name: Umhlonyane

This beautiful grey-green lacy leafed plant is both easy to grow, has many medicinal properties and multiple uses. If you do not already have one growing in your garden, come and buy one as soon as you can! It is one of the oldest and best-know indigenous plant medicines.

They grow in full sun and are hardy perennials that grow up to 2 meters tall. They are also brilliant for your veggie garden as it repels bugs and insects. You can rub the leaves on your dogs and cats to chase away fleas, in your kitchen to get rid of ants and put in your grains to deter weevils. The fresh or dried leaves are used in infusions, decoctions, tinctures and compresses. Taken orally or inhaled in a steam bath, it is used to treat fever, colds, flu, sore throats, coughs, asthma, pneumonia and headaches. Casually awesome.

But please note NBNBNBNB do not take when breastfeeding or when pregnant. And don’t take often or in excess either.

Artemesia afra

The beetroots in our veggie garden are charging along. We have normal beetroot as well as the candy striped white and pink Chioggia beetroots or Disco Beets as we like to call them. The leafy green tops can be eaten and prepared like spinach. A win-win crop!

Beetroots in Good Hope Gardens

Well cuddle up, keep warm and don’t forget to go plant some medicinal plants in your garden pharmacy!

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