Photos of Springtime

Hello Spring!

Bringing mixed weather – sunblock and beach sand in your hair mixed with rainy days by the fire and gale force winds bringing down shadehouses….welcome to Cape Point!

Here are some pics of what we have been up to this month:

Succulents ablaze


Our Annual King Protea in flower on the koppie

and Fushia Vygies                                                                                                                                         Oppie Koppie 🙂

Chickens and landscaping

Vegetables from the garden. We now only use garden veg and flowers for our salads. As one customer said this weekend: “Ooh, its like a garden on my plate!”

We constantly are being asked the super secret recipe for our carrot cake…

So watch this space  – I think I will have to share the simple delights fo how easy and “moisty” this carrot cake is to make on my next post.

In the meantime to whet your visual appetite: below are some chocolate truffle filled wheat-free chocolate cupcakes.

We are having quite a lot of kiddies parties at the nursery lately..there is a convenient open space behind the playground and the kids pretty much entertain themselves which is great.

Jay&Lotta’s Dreamweaver web chairs   are possibly The Most Comfy to lie in after chasing your three-year old around to get him to drink some water to counter-combat all the jellytots eaten off the gingerbreadmen…and of course for using as a climbing frame as demonstrated below 🙂

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