Spring into Fynbos Sale!!!!

Sorry about no posts in a very long while…the nursery team and myself were working like crazy to get everything just perfect for the sale. It was great!!!

We had horserides, a jumping castle, the playground, facepainting and fabric painting for the kids…

A talk on Permaculture by Omigodwhoisthat (Thats what most girls say when they first catch sight of him) and a Free guided Fynbos walk by Wowheknowshisstuff Rupert. Not related to the bear.

There were beautifull stalls with stunning wares displayed, mouth watering food stalls, the tea garden Fynbos Cakes stall and of course the nursery looked absolutely AMAZING.

A fantastic jazzy band set the atmosphere….

There was a beautiful wild flower display from our mountain and even some cut flowers on sale.

Treats on the Tea garden stall were colourfull and had a bit of Fynbos fusion going on in them….

Ohhhhhhh yum.

Bikes were popular with the cool kids…blue for boys and pink for girls!

Altogether is was a fantastic day full of fun, laughter and, of course, fynbos!!!!Fynbos jou lekker ding!!!!

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