Veld and Sea autumn and winter events


We are excited to have you join us for some wildly delicious workshops this season. We will be offering up some immersive and educational nature inspired workshops in and around the Veld and Sea cabin, please scroll down to view our exciting autumn and winter experiences.


Saturday the 6th of April FULLY BOOKED

All info on our Coastal Foraging Workshops can be found HERE

Please note – these will resume next summer in November 2019. To join the waiting list you can email


Saturday the 13th of April 9am – 4pm INFO AND TICKETS

This workshop will be the first in a series of wilderness survival workshops facilitated by Earthskills Africa co-founder Rein Buyze.

Fire awakens a deep primal essence within us. It is one of our most ancient abilities and when we truly connect with this skill we provoke an awakening in our core quintessential human nature.

WHAT TO EXPECT: The day will begin with an integration exercise in to our natural surroundings. We will learn to become aware of the signs of nature, the bird language and heightened perception through expanding our senses.

We will then explore a few techniques of making fire – the bow drill, the hand drill, flint and steel. We will search for good tinder, kindling and gain a flame.

Lunch will be served by the Veld and Sea wild food foragers and cooks – a delicious seasonal inspired fire cooked meal, infused with adventure, to be enjoyed with a story of fire from the San tradition.

After lunch you will be led through a process of making from scratch your own fire kit to take home from locally sourced materials. Whether you’re interested in wilderness survival, stories of the past, or you just love a fire cooked meal, you’ll leave this workshop confident in your knowledge of fire making.


Saturday the 11th of May 9am – 4pm INFO AND TICKETS

This workshop is the second in a series of wilderness survival workshops facilitated by Earthskills Africa co-founder Rein Buyze.

Join him as he shares his leather craft knowledge in our Veld and Sea cabin this autumn. In this workshop, participants will learn the basics of leather craft techniques and how to make a beautiful handmade leather item to take home. We will also explore some primal tanning techniques as well as craft some useful items. This workshop will provide a wonderful foundation for beginner leather crafting.  No previous experience is required! Create your very own hand cut, hand stitched, artisinal labour of love – choose to make items such as useful pouches, medicine bags, sheaths or other small projects for your survival kit.

A warming wild flavoured seasonal inspired lunch, wild herbal teas and refreshments will be provided by the Veld and Sea foragers and cook .


Saturday the 4th of May 11am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday the 27th of July 11am – 3pm BOOK TICKETS

WHAT TO EXPECT: Led by textile artist Andie Reeves, come and learn the basics of embroidery, from choosing threads and fabric, creating designs and learning different stitching techniques. Participants will receive a hoop and immerse in an afternoon of stitching your own unique flora-themed design. You will leave with your hoop as well as needle and thread to carry on your new hobby at home.

WHAT IS INCLUDED: We will supply all equipment including hoops, threads, needles and fabric. Tea, cake, botanical cocktails and canapés will be served though out the day.
About Andie: She has a background in fashion having previously worked as a dressmaker, stylist, sewing teacher and fashion designer. Currently working as a writer/artist/preschool teacher, her art is being exhibited at The Raptor Room and Cavalli Gallery. She is interested in all forms of textile art, especially weaving, embroidery and sewing, and is passionate about teaching others these skills.


Saturday the 1st of June 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

Join Caitlin Hill, brand ambassador for The Botanist Gin and wild food forager Roushanna Gray on this exciting wild alchemy, botanical and floral food filled day.

We will start with a foraging master-class in the Veld and Sea classroom, followed by a walk where we will gather wild herbs and edible flowers to be used in the drinks. You will learn the basics of cocktail making – the ingredients, techniques and equipment plus a special introduction to gin as well as how to make several classic gin based cocktails. Discover the world of tincture making and create your own bitters and infusions. A warming winter inspired lunch and cocktails will be served. Leave with a herbal bouquet and your very own wild booze creations.


CELEBRATING SALT Saturday the 8th of June 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

FERMENTING SWEET Sunday the 28th of July 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

CELEBRATING SALT Sunday the 4th of August 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

FERMENTING SWEET Sunday the 17th of November 11am – 3pm INFO AND TICKETS

It can take years of fermenting almost everything to understand the fundamentals of lacto-fermentation, yeast fermentation, symbiotic fermentation and acetic fermentation. What even do all these terms mean? Fermentation is all about creating suitable environmental conditions and working with time, microbiota – fungi, yeasts and bacteria – to create and transform foods from fruits, vegetables, grains, meats, dairy, insects, seaweeds and others. A great lesson in humility and authenticity, our work in fermentation is always all about community, through a multi-species exploration.

This will be a 2-part workshop (“Celebrating SALT” and “Fermenting SWEET”) facilitated by Zayaan Khan.

We will focus on lacto-fermentation by salt in “Celebrate SALT” focusing on shredded vegetables/fruit (like sauerkraut), layered ferments (such as kimchi) & whole brined ferments. We will discuss recipe potentials, the different reasons why we ferment and some fool proof methods.

Then, in “Fermenting SWEET” we explore wild beverages such as kompot, ginger bugs and sweet potato fly, condiments like ketchup, mustard and chutney and a beginners guide to shrubs!

PLEASE NOTE these are 2 separate workshops, and while participation in both is not required, it is suggested to gain a broader understanding to the art of fermentation.


Saturday the 29th of June 10am – 2pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday the 20th of July 10am – 2pm BOOK TICKETS

Saturday the 10th of August 10am – 2pm BOOK TICKETS

All info on our Fynbos Forages can be found HERE


Wednesday 16 – Sunday 20 October INFO, SCHEDULE AND BOOKING

We invite you to come and discover the Corsican Maquis through the eyes of wild food expert Roushanna Gray who will be joining us from South-Africa on this delicious, exclusive retreat. There are many similarities vegetation wise between the Corsican “Maquis” and the Western Capes “Fynbos” which makes this the perfect combination. Connect back to nature through intuitive plant study, food creation, grounding yoga practices, nature inspired art, mindful foraging and outdoor meditation. With a sensory theme woven throughout each day, the retreat schedules flow of events promises to be gentle, engaging, educational and delicious with a sprinkling of adventure.

This retreat will allow you to step away from the fast paced life of the busy modern world and slow down, breathe, and reconnect to the joy, wonder and simplicity of all that nature provides. Also learning more about natures edible wonders and the creativity that can blossom from spending time with Roushanna and Destination Namaste on the magical and wild Island of Corsica. This will be a real down to earth, nature inspired experience, creating and providing a positive and nurturing space for you to open up to a deeper connection to the earth, the elements, your senses and yourself.


Only in Cape Town for a short time and don’t see any dates that suit your schedule or looking to book a special wild flavoured experience, forage or feast for your friends, a celebration or team build?

Email for info on our various experience offerings, descriptions, rates and availability.


Give the gift of experience! Redeemable at any of our 2019 Veld and Sea events, to the value of your choice. Details HERE


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