School Holiday Workshops


Kids are natural foragers. Remember growing up looking for Soursucks (Oxalis) in the winter and cape honeysuckles (Tecoma) in spring? It all comes very naturally. Imagine how fun a relaxed morning of gathering and tasting different scented leaves and edible flowers would be! This school holidays the kids will learn fun facts about which plants the birds and butterflies love, get to meet the farm animals, create some arts and crafts, make and eat delicious pizza with the foraged and harvested ingredients to enjoy with yummy wild flavoured flower drinks, and have fun in the playground with new friends.

DATES: 4th of July
6th of July
11 of July

TIME: 10am – 2pm

VENUE: Veld and Sea classroom in Cape Point

COST: R280 per class for one child, or bring a friend and each pay R220 per class

TO BOOK: Please contact

PLEASE NOTE: These are small holiday classes – please book soon to avoid disappointment. Any kids under the age of 4 require a parent/guardian to accompany them.

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