Coastal foraging photos and course dates.

Last month we had a fantastic day of discovering, tasting, experiencing and feasting. We were lucky to forage at new moon  on a very low tide with a very small swell, allowing us maximum exploring time in the inter-tidal rock pools at Scarborough beach.  A huge thanks to Jean-michel Maurel for these beautiful images he captured on the day.

Coastal foraging at Scarborough beach

Seaweed reflecting in the rockpool

Coastal Foraging in Cape Town

Coastal foraging

Coastal foraging - seaweed


Coastal foraging

Dead mans fingers - seaweed

Collecting mussels

Scarborough waves

Coastal foraging in the Cape

Coastal foraging course

Edible seaweed - coastal foraging

Beach cottage

Edible seaweeds - coastal foraging course

Preparing edible seaweed

Kelp and tomato salad

Edible seaweed meals

Garden art

Coastal foraging lunch

Mussel pot - coastal foraging

Coastal foraged ingredients in our delicious lunch

Forage Harvest Feast

Kelp and cocoa ice cream with candied kelp and almonds

Please join us on one of our LAST COURSES FOR THE SEASON! Don’t miss out – it really is as exciting and delicious as it looks…

Saturday the 21st of March – 9am-1pm

Saturday the 4th of April – 9am-1pm

*Possibility of a May date TBC

For info or to book please contact

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