Mushroom Foraging

We had a very successful mushroom forage last weekend. We got lucky with both the mushrooms and the weather, and it was agreed by all that it was a very well spent Sunday morning activity. Led by our keen Mushroomer, with over 10 years of experience under his hat, we were taken to the secret spots of edible fungi abundance….

Mushroom foraging

Pine forest

Mushroom foraging

Pine Ring mushrooms

Mushroom foraging. This ones not edible!

Happy mushroom Forager

Mushroom forest

Mushroom hunting Cape Town

Mushroom Forage with Forage Harvest Feast

Mushroom foraging course Cape Town

Wild mushroom harvest

Once our mushroom eyes had peeled open, we really got lucky. And even got some exercise too – someones pedometer said she took 10 000 steps. Food and exercise – endorphins AND enough Pine Rings for the next few meals? Who could ask for more. Although I will never look at a packet of Dennys in quite the same way, those wild mushrooms are packed with flavour.

Its no wonder the Pine Rings Latin name is Lactarius deliciosus.

Fried up in butter with a bit of garlic and fresh herbs, with scrambled eggs on toast, in a venison stew, rolled up in a pancake, in a pasta sauce, cream of wild mushroom soup. Now my mouth is watering. I have to go make a snack quickly…

  Looks like fun? Why not join us for the next one happening this Saturday the 14th of June at 11am. Email for more details.

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