Seed ’em and reap.

Seeds are life.

The wondrous cycle from seed to plant, flower to fruit and back to seed.

Lets throw a few highlighted words out there for you. You probably know them all. If not, do a bit of research. Copy and paste them into Google search, chat to friends, read some books. Come up with your own thoughts on the matter.

I’m not going to write about GMO and its promotion in South Africa through the Green Revolution, the world of Biopiracy and its effects on Indigenous livelihoods, or the importance of Seed Sovereignty.

But I am going to share some of the enjoyment we experience from the seed cycle.


SeedsSeeds – begged, borrowed, bought or grown.

SeedsHomegrown seeds


SeedlingsLettuce seedlings in the front row


Lettuce plantsSeedlings in the ground.

LettuceRenegade lettuce growing in the cracks. Saving this hero’s seed for sure.

Manchester turnipSelf seeded Manchester turnip in the lettuce bed.

CorianderCoriander grown from our own seed for about 4 years now.

Cucumber plantsCucumber plants – flowers have started.



Pea flowersPea flowers

tomato flowersBaby tomato flowers

marrow flowersMarrow flowers developing into fruit.


Picking tomatoesPicking the fruits of our labour – tomato varieties.


Rainbow radishesRainbow radishes


Supper ingredientsSupper ingredients

Garden harvestGarden harvest


Tomatoes and peppers for roastingTomatoes and peppers ready for roasting

Fresh veg and homemade pastaFresh veg and homemade pasta

Veg wrapsVeg wraps

Garden saladRadish salad

Tomato snacksSummer tomato snacks

Seared goat and garden veg saladSeared goat and garden veg salad

Garden veg seed savingMaking supper and saving seeds along the way.

and back to…SEEDS

SunflowersSunflowers seeds.

Sorting chive seedsChive seeds.

Shelling pea seedsPea seeds.

Radish seedRadish seeds.

Red clover seedsDecanting red clover seeds into jars.

SeedsAnd repeat.

Plants want to grow. We need to eat. So….

Grow food

And if you don’t have a spot of soil to grow in – support your local farmer.

Happy healthy eating everyone!

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