Late Spring Forage Harvest and Feast

Last Saturday we had another fantastic Forage Harvest and Feast!

Here of some beautiful photos taken by Werner Deblitz…scroll down and let your imagination take over…


Foraging notes and recipes

 Get set, go!

Picking Pelargonium

Good Hope Gardens Nursery retail

Corinder flowers

Can you dig it?

Corn flowers

foraging feet

Snack time

Basket of goodness

Flower bath

Beetroot relish

Plates to be filled!



That was one of the last Forage Harvest and Feast courses of the season until Winter,

but we will be going on Seaweed forages in Summer to tide us over until then.

Hope you can join us!

One thought on “Late Spring Forage Harvest and Feast

  1. Hi. love your blog. cant seem to find your contact details. would you mind supplying them to me. Apart from wanting to participate in one of your foraging courses, I would love to come out and have a trundle around your property if you allow this sort of thing. also, we are newly retired to Hout Bay from Gauteng. have a small property in Northshore and would like to know if you do landscaping with indigenous plants. if so do you charge to come out and have a look? I look forward to hearing from you. thanks and have a wonderful and happy day. regards
    Mary Smit (0824657751)

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