Edible flowers

Its an overcast, rainy day outside.


There are low clouds sweeping across the Fynbos Walk. At night we are still lighting fires, sleeping with extra blankets and wearing layers in the day.

But the garden is convinced that Spring is here!

Here are some of the edible flowers in bloom in our gardens:

CornflowersMulti-coloured Cornflowers





Radish Radish



Perenial basilPerennial Basil



TulbaghiaWild garlic



Rainbow salad recipes are on my mind. Do any of you have a great flower recipe you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Happy Spring!

2 thoughts on “Edible flowers

  1. have planted seeds of an edible chrysanthemum: used for soups and as a spice: waiting for them to come up, but weather’s cold and I don’t have a hothouse. Also dianthus (Pinks) can be eaten….Cheers Dave W

    1. Hi Dave, this sounds fantastic – must try get hold of some of those. Our local Chrysanthemum is a Crysanthemoides whose berry is edible, I will read up to see if the flower is edible too. Thanks!

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