Food glorious food

Here is a sneak peek behind the scenes at all the food we have been growing, harvesting, preparing and, of course, eating!


Purple carrotspurple carrots


Sweet potatoessweet potatoes

Mielies with mint and buttermielies with mint and butter

pumpkin and spice cookies

Two fig and ginger jamtwo fig and ginger jam

Stuffed squash flowers, purple carrots and wild garlicstuffed squash flowers and purple carrots and wild garlic

Pumpkin pie!pumpkin pie


Wild garlic rollswild garlic rolls

Rhus toffie sweetsrhus toffee sweets

Rainbow radishesrainbow radishes


More feastingmore feasting

Even more feasting

even more feasting!

Grace before a meal:

Blessings on the blossoms,

Blessings on the fruit,

Blessings on the leaves and stems

and Blessings on the root.

Blessings on this meal”

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