Tulbaghia violacea

Our plant of the month would have to be Tulbaghia violacea

Common names:

English: wild garlic

Afrikaans: wilde knoffel

Zulu: isihaqa


This amazing multitasking plant is edible, medicinal and a great companion plant for your veggie garden (Insect repelling and attractive to bees and butterflies). It is a bulbous plant (part of the onion family) whose long thin leaves resemble the chives and have lots of pretty mauve flowers at the tip of its stalk. When crushed or even brushed past, it gives off a strong garlicy smell. The whole plant is edible and we use the leaves in stews and salads and chopped up in scrambled eggs and the attractive flowers can turn an ordinary salad into a work of art! Wild garlic is traditionally used to treat fever, coughs and colds (infusion of the leaves and flowers) and well as being an antiseptic and expectorant. The roots can be dug up from mature plants, scrubbed well and roasted or used like normal garlic – but take care with how much you use…its quite strong!

It is a hardy plant that will grow quickly and easily in your garden in full sun and give you flowers on and off throughout summer without needing too much water – what a plant, what a beauty – go plant one in your garden now!

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