Landscaping and Autumn in the Fynbos

Autumn is here along with a cold nip in the air.


Warm log fires at night with blankets, cats and hot chocolate. Freshly baked bread and soup. The smell of fynbos after the rain. Just picked greens and baked potatoes from the garden. Swapping interesting veggie seeds. Soft wooly jerseys. Lines of gumboots at the door. Waking up to the sound of rain. All the different hues of green on the mountain side.

Taskmaster has been busy creating his beautiful gardens in between surfing accidents and Euphorbia incidents. Please note: Never get Euphorbia juice on your skin or think you are in the world champs at your homebreak inventing a new move “the knee slide air” a this may lead to a swollen face (Aloe helps) and a knee brace (falling over toy cars left in the passage does not help) for three weeks 🙂

A great example of play in colour and texture in a small shrub bed:

Log round pavers with wood chip mulch path:

Planted up retaining wall and random paving:

Natural log steps:

Dont forget this is one of the busiest time in a fynbos garden, so come and select some plants in the retail to fill in those that did not survive the Sumer. Re-design, re-plant and re-ap the benefits of this rainy weather in your garden. Prune, mulch and weed and then have a cup of hot chocolate by the fire/ head down to the beach and catch the last bit of summers sun…. Gotta love Autumn in Cape Town!

One thought on “Landscaping and Autumn in the Fynbos

  1. Loving what you’re loving! I’m loving it too. But gas heater and Uggs instead of log fireplace and boots…

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