The Dream Sanctuary and Autumn in the fynbos

There have been a few changes happening in the Nursery lately. The Farmstall has closed, and the Dream Sanctuary has opened!

Here are some pics to tempt you to come over and visit soon….

The cosy Coffee Shop brightly decorated full of interesting fairies and angels.

Fun and yummy things for kids on sale.

Fairy garden by the seating area.

Scrummy yummy carrot cake!

Meanwhile in the retail area:

The rain has brough a lot of colour to the nursery…in plants and even caterpillars!

After the rain this little forest of mushrooms sprung up in the retail 🙂

Patches the pony cropping our wheat beds before the full moon…talk about eco holistic veggie gardening!

I will leave you with this image of Taskmaster and Kingoftheplayground riding into the fynbos…on a perfect Cape Point day.

Enjoy the mellow weather and hope to see you all in the retail soon!

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