Summer is here!

With the weather not so sure whats its doing, the poor plants are not sure what to be doing either. But Summer seems to be back with a bang along with the South Easter wind, tangling our hair and drying out the earth. We are gearing towards our next event on the 16th of December – which promises to be a day of fun, fynbos, food and art.

The masses of Syncarpha vestita or Cape Snow that have sprung up near the windmills.When you stand in between them it sounds as if you are in the middle of a rustling papery sea.

Meanwhile in the veggie patch, flowers of other sorts have been blooming…

Elegant leeks have gone to flower…the organic seeds to be collected and planted next year.

Yellow patty pans growing at the base of their edible flowers.

The retail area in the nursery is looking particularly lovely. Shady and inviting, it inspires many to jazz up their gardens at home.

The different colours and foliage in the six pack area in the retail.

A little monkey chilling in the shady seating area 🙂

More news on the event to follow! So keep in touch for more fynbos fun.

xxx from us at the nursery

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