Endings and new beginnings

Things have been changing a lot around here. Namely the entire business. ‘Roger Gray trading as Good Hope Nursery’ comes to an end as from today.

However, Ownerlady and myself will be re-opening as Good Hope Nursery Gardens Nursery and Farmstall and Taskmaster will really come into his name with the opening of his very own landscraping business – Good Hope Gardens Landscaping. …really a continuation of his amazing work since 2004. The nursery and farmstall will have a grand opening in August and untill then, we will only be open (Nursery retail and Tea Garden) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. The landscaping will be continuing in its usual all-day every-day fashion.

There is a lot of reshuffling going on and changes to be made. I was about to embark on emails and start on a mile long list of things-to-do when loud mental barks were heard outside.  When out to check only to discover daddy goat OUT the paddock and was eating garden veggie no.3 and Bella the dog IN the paddock barking at mommy goat. mmmm. Fetched rope and food. Put goat back in paddock and chased dog out. Decided to feed the chickens and ducks while I was on this feeding mission. Came out with more food to find daddy goat out again eating a tree. Rope, food, curse. Wondered why we have a farm life again. Settled goat in different paddock. Went to feed chickens and found three warm eggs…happy farm feeling returned. Then stepped in some dog poo….Score:  Farm- 3 farmers wife-1 *sigh*

Yesterday we had a farewell staff braai…sad but delicious.

So keep warm till the next update … of Good Hope Gardens in Cape Point!!!!


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