A wedding cake, an olive tree and three feral chickens.

Early in the mornings we hear the cackle, scratch and crow of our three feral chickens. Always roosting in a new place – never to be seen.

To cut a rather long and gumbooted -in-the-dark story short, after a false wringing of one chickens neck, he let his two buddies know their pot luck fate and they never came within three metres of us again.

Yesterday, however, they were tired and hungry and sneaked into the chicken hok. But Taskmaster was on spy mode. He saw them out the corner of his eye through the passage the window, jumped out the window and closed the door on them in one fluid movement. Ninja farmer skills. Kingoftheplayground has inherited said skills and captured 4 songololos the other day while I was cracking eggs for breakfast.

The Fynbos and Food event is getting closer and closer….a confirmation of more stallholders today who will be selling organic apple juice, farm honey, gluten-free bakes, unsulphered dried fruit, kids fun stuff, crystals and gemstones.

We are lucky lucky lucky to have three pretty ladies playing guitar and singing for us on the day. Shady tree and lunch anyone? Aaaaah.

Here is our olive tree:

This is the first year is has bore us/fruited/produced/developed olives. (Must look in John Seymour’s book for correct term..that book is constantly open in this house) We picked these: It may looook like a little – but you try doing yoga moves in a pokey olive tree and then say “Small bushel” or whatever the collective for olives are. A host of olives? A hoard of olives…a press of olives? hmmm. Anyway, here:

A gloriously decadent Rooibos and pink buttercream icing wedding cake was made last week for a wedding in Stanford. Please note: If you are delivering a fully iced and decorated cake some three hours car ride away…its best to buy coverup goods for the unforeseeable meltdowns….in my case in the form of meringues and strawberries 🙂 Oh and drink chamomile tea to calm the jagged nerves. …Think we stopped about 17 times to check it was still fine. So not too much tea or more stops, which means more checking up. Which counteracts the chammomile. Ahem. CAKE PLEASE!!!!

So concludes this post. Off to jump in the Ecolodge jacuzzi and then water the animals and veggies too. We jamming this week, and preserving veg, so any spare glass jars you have lying around – recyclers/hoarders/bottled produce lovers …. I would love to use them! Pretty please 🙂

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