When goats do roam my fynbos does moan

Hi. I’ve been a bad blogger again – but life has been busy busy busy!

Our baby goat AKA Greeny (dont ask – Kingoftheplayground named him) has been running around the nursery and getting into trouble. With me. Cant really dicipline a goat though, so just trying to feed him up so he gets too fat to escape through the fence. And eat more of our garden. Again.

The daddy goat gets stuck in his fence at least once a day:

Which is quite funny except then you need to go and get him out which is like wrestling a mountain with horns and yellow devil eyes and you stink like manky goat for a while after. Lovely.

Our veggies are coming along ….











And King of the playground is enjoying helping…









Some pics of the Fat of our Land:











The Ecolodge has been fully booked every weekend (Lots of flower arranging and meeting happy faces) and the landscaping has been non stop. But no matter how busy we all are – we still always make take time out to go for meanders on the Fynbos Walk…

At our next event  (Details in next blog entry) we will be giving a free Guided Fynbos Walk so be sure to be there and come experience our nature!!!


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