Spring, champers and the awesome flowers

We have been having amazing weather…sun sun, blooming awesome flowers and the first snake of the season slithered past me. Shudder. I still get icicles down my spine if I see one. Actually to tell the truth I dropped everything I was carrying (a packet of empty tins..lotta noise there) and a girlish shriek just popped out my throat.

The tea garden was festive on Saturday with scrumtious goodies on sale:

From left to right…wheat-free chocolate cake drenched in wild mint syrup, rose cupcakes with lemony cream cheese filling followed swiftly (into my mouth) by Meringues filled with cream and topped with a fresh strawberry. Oh.

Oh yum.

But wait. Theres more….   Something for the savoury hearted….vegetable quiche with a tomato fan for show. Yummie.

Then we had a really, really lovely booking early one Saturday morning…the weather was purrrfect – no wind, happy sun and *IM REALLY SORRY* but I lost the piece of paper that had these wonderful people’s names on it…

Nevertheless one friendly couple bought their couple friends over for a surprise Anniversary champagne breakfast (their glasses and champers) ,,,they were even wearing masks so they had no clue where they were! Love it.

Here they are having The Best Time Ever:


Happy Anniversary!!!!

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