Cool links and the new spring poster.

So the sale date is beckoning, as well as all the little billion things that need to be completed by then. Here are two cool links advertising the Spring into Fynbos event:


Also,  a rather brilliant blog entry was sent to us from an obviously incredibly intelligent woman 🙂 A rave review on the nursery! We clustered round the computer screen and in between grunts of delight as we scrolled down, we declared it the Best Review Ever. Check it out at

Our article finally came out in the Home/Tuis magazine on the Fynbos Ecolodge. It was well worth the hard work as the pics came out all beautiful and shiny….mmmmm, nice. Go out now and buy yourself a copy – it’s the Eco edition so it’s a good read too. In the mean time here is a scanned version:

Fynbos Ecolodge article
Fynbos Ecolodge article page 2
Fynbos Ecolodge article page 3

Then our good friend Harry-the-girl who is a whizz at design, generously created this bright new poster for our Spring event:

Spring into Fynbos poster

So a week of really getting out there has been fun. Right now though, the rain has stopped, the sun is peeping through the clouds and we are going out to play in the playground and eat a pie in the tea garden. xxx

One thought on “Cool links and the new spring poster.

  1. Fantastic article!! and all the new links are awesome!
    You are an absolute inspiration and your baking and sweet goods are in league of their own. so glad i got to visit your beautiful sanctuary when I was on holiday in Cape Town, it was a zillion times better then any other place we visited. we visited with 4 generations – our parents, us, our son & daugher-in-law and our grand-son-baby. after a wonderful walk, we sat ourselves down under a gorgeous canopy of tree’s at a secret hideway table & chairs. we ordered delicious cuppacinos, hot chocolates and cool drinks and ate the most beautifully presented, yummy chocolate cupcakes sprinkled with fairy dust, very moreish and incredibly easy on the pocket! It was just such a stress-free peaceful, memorable place to meet with family..and baby was able to crawl around safely to his hearts content. there’s just something so special about this place…and the friendly efficient but knowledgable staff that run it…it’s the kind of place that you never forget…in the nicest possible way! defintely coming back for more!

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