Back at work/in the garden

So we have returned from an amazing time-out. Annual holidays are the greatest, but it’s also kind of great to be back at the nursery….

On day one of return Taskmaster discovered the porcupine had been visiting. A lot. Set the trap and hey presto a porky was caught! Even have a photo this time:

Beautiful Porky

He was a small one but oh so defensive. If the dogs or we came near, he would ruffle his quills (really loud…imagine a shaker in a mexican band) and stamp his little foot!

In celebration of no bites-in-veg any more, we went to see how much the dam had filled. It’s really been a rain shy winter this year.

The dam.

The dogs and Kingoftheplayground had a blast. Kingoftheplayground decided it would be best to have a dip.

Dip in the dam!

So the landscaping teams are full steam back into work. The nursery is propagating away and getting ready for the next sale. The event is called’ Spring into Fynbos’ and will include all kinds of lovely fun and fynbos on Saturday the 18th of September.. Walks, talks, kids entertainment and Auntie # 1 is coming down especially to do a Wild Flower display with flowers collected off our very own mountain! Cant wait.

beautiful fluff!!!

The tea garden re-opens this weekend…due to staff and menu changes we reopen much later than advertised. Great apologies to those who came for tea last week.  But the good news is that the plan is to now have more of a farmstall food option and I’ve been baking bread (so good) and perfecting the Best Pie Ever. Feeling hungry? Come visit this weekend!

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