Porcupine, traps, world cup and roof gardens.

The reason for such a gap in blog updates? Er…dog ate my homework? Well,  close enough…they stole my camera and ran off with it. They have annoying habits of capturing odd shoe/recycling/the other sock you were looking for and gifting a random bush with said object. So old camera that I must hold lense open when shooting with will have to do for now.

So the world cup is upon us. Vuvuzelas humming, everyone wearing yellow tops, many tourists stopping in middle of road near Cape Point to feed baboons – letting them jump in their cars while they get it on film….etc. The flags are flying high at the nursery…we even have football Fridays with a lucky draw and a Good Hope Nursery soccer match on the last friday! Sad about Bafana Bafanas tragic game last night. Although I don’t actually know what happens in soccer   ( fit sweaty men running around…whats not to like? ) I try to join in shouting encouraging things at the screen like “Noooo!” and “Yessssss!” and other soccer type words.

Above shows some of the damage a porcupine did to our veggie garden. It interestingly loves parsley roots. And every other root we had he decided to have a little taste. Except the carrots – he had a rather large taste….like half the carrot patch for supper.

So we set a trap that night. A porcupine trap with tasty things they love in it like beetroot, pear, carrots, sweet potato and a veggie sausage for fun.

The next morning we went to go see.

We had caught a wild cat. The veggie sausage was gone. Kingoftheplaygroung named him “The Fierce Bad Kitty”.

Sooo we let it go (it was quite cross) and set the trap again last night. This morning there was a young porcupine in it!!!Porqupines are amazingly beautifull…like an installation artwork of quills. They will run backwards to defend themselves, the strongest quills are on their tails. And he had a tiny almost human like ear. Taskmaster set him free on a faraway mountain.

The Landscapers current job is rehabilitation at the Smitswinkle Bay Hoerikwagga campsite….

Taskmaster was on the Kikuyu grasses case in the sublime surroundings…

And stopped to see how well these roof gardens are doing…created by the Landscaping team here of course:

So enjoy the world cup, don’t forget our 15% sale off ALL PLANTS !!!! and keep warm..theres snow on Table Mountain!


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