Landscaping our very own garden and the veggie patch continues.

Last week was very exciting because we (Taskmaster and Team) started the clearing for our Very Own Garden. I say this with much joy as we have always (and owner lady before us) had a rambling fynbossy “outside-bit” in which to jump and play and braai as well as the rest of the nursery to wander around…well work mostly – so a Garden as such was never a necessity. Untill now! Because we think it would be fabulous (my word not Taskmasters) and because we can.

Landscaping work always dies down a little bit in the rainy season, leaving us to focus on Stuff That Needs Doing around the nursery. So here are a few before shots:

Taskmaster doing his thing.

Soon to be space for seating under the tree and organic jungle gym in the tree!

An angel of an aloe in a hell of a mess.

So before the rain storm arrived on Sunday (Happy Mothers day) we planted out some veg seedlings…

And off we went.

The radishes had to be seperated…wonder how many will survive the fate of Kingoftheplaygrounds over-enthusiastic root pulling..hmmm.

There were sweet potatoes and aubergines ready for picking.A slice of carrot cake from the tea garden…and an afternoon well spent!

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