In which we do our garden and look at the baby seedlings

Above is a little something from what we did on a sunny Sunday afternoon….

You know like the dentists kids teeth have holes in and the plumbers toilet is always leaking?…Well our garden is in a verrrry sorry state of affairs. So we dusted off our weekend cobwebs and began to create. Having a landscaper for a husband is Most Handy when doing your garden…

Need this log a different size? No problem! Lets use the chainsaw!

Need some mulch? Ok – we can get some from that Massive Pile over there!

Need more plants? No worries, let’s go ask at the Nursery!

It was fun, Taskmaster did most of the work and I have a pretty side garden again. Only 90% of the garden left to do now… 90 more weekends…so maybe by Kingoftheplaygrounds 5th birthday it will be ready…

Heres a sweet off-the-wall section, note the trademark organic log edging…

A couple weeks ago I planted some more veggie garden seeds. I learnt that top crops (lettuce/fennel/etc)  are to sown in seed trays and bottom crops (carrots/onions/etc) can be planted directly into the ground. Fail on my last try then…but look here:

Aaah reap the rewards! Well, not quite yet. And in the garden were these:

As Kingoftheplayground calls the, lots of  ‘Rubbishes’ …thats Radishes to you and me. The things he comes up with. On Saturday he commanded  my Sister # 2 “Come with me and change my mind in the room of shoes”… Sounds like something off a Frank Zappa record to me.

Above is a peep into the rest of the propagation nursery …

But now I have to run away and bake a carrot cake for a garden club who will be visiting the nursery tommorow…so keep warm and visit soon!

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