Snakes alive!

Yesterday while I was baking some death-by-chocolate muffins and the sun still baking outside, Taskmaster called me into the garden.

“You wont believe this.” He said with a surprised expression. I was curious, he’s not easily surprised…

“Look what I found behind the bushes here. It looks fresh”


“Oh. My. Word.”

Nice. The resident Puff adder that we had not seen in a year had apparently shed his skin in a part of the garden quite close to the house. 500m would still be too close to the house for me, but hey – that’s what living in the fynbos bush entails right?Brrrr…shivers down my spine!!!

Here is the snake-skin in perspective to Kingoftheplayground:

You see he’s not quite sure whether to trade in his old belt for a snake-skin one or maybe have a wee in fright!

Here are the markings. Quite beautiful really:

Mmmm. Like the sign says, I hope I will be gone surfing when the bigger, longer, fresh skinned Puff Adder comes around.

In fact, I think I will go now!

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