The Fynbos Ecolodge after pics!!!

It is over.

Our crazy, no-words-can-describe THREE day revamp is over…had to have a day to recover before sitting down and writing this. To recover and to get the paint out of my hair.

Well, the Good Hope Nursery team were AMAZING. Resilient, unstoppable, no 1 team. Taskmaster was working so hard you could only see sawdust. Designer friend had fantastic ideas that really worked well. And the magazine photo shoot went well…cant wait to see it in glossy print!!!As words cannot describe, below are the photos that will tell a thousand words.

Drum roll please…..

Here goes:

There you have it folks. I am proud! I am indebted to all who helped – thank you is not enough…it all turned out so beautifully! I’ll leave you with these words of wisdom (to caption the last photo) from Kingoftheplayground:

“Lets go in the WAKUUUUZI!!!”

3 thoughts on “The Fynbos Ecolodge after pics!!!

  1. wow wow wow wow wow!!!!! it looks amazing ! I love the room with the maps and the antique tv, and the feature wall is brilliant! I love the quirky, hybrid mix of modern and aged… Ill be one of the first to buy the magazine.

  2. It looks great and we may even try to book for next Feb if its available. I love the green and white theme too, looks really fresh and the Jacuzzi – wow! We are really looking forward to our next visit…

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