Day 1 of Ecolodge revamp.

Day 1 went smoothly enough.

Raced off to fetch camera (mine broke…think it heard it was really, really needed) and paint and galvanized nails. Designer friend came to help and Mabuthi, silent as a ninja, painted the ceiling beautifully. We painted the front room and main bedroom ceiling, fireplace and stove tiles primed and painted, colour panel in the entrance and main bedroom painted. The pergola is up, the fencing is underway and the kitchen counter is almost in.

Today we hope to take out the old sink and install the new two-basin sink in the kitchen, complete the wall and ceiling painting, and the fencing around the Jacuzzi.  Our backs are stiff, we still have paint in our hair, but it’s amazing to see the ideas in our head actually coming to life! Very exciting.

Here are some ‘during’ pics:

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