Tomatoes and prep for the revamp.

Yesterday was a howling wind.  It whipped and whistled around the nursery. I decided to try and escape it by going out to ‘Town” for last minute buys for the Ecolodge revamp.

What a ridiculous idea.

It was at least ten degrees hotter! Without the wind though, so I couldn’t complain. Much. I got white cotton bedding for the beds, white curtains, roof paint, tile adhesive, toilet roll holder, and some supplies for the Tea Garden. Three shops. It took me 5 hours. Time warp? Space vortex? Suburbs on a Saturday.

Once home, I was so thankful for the cooling wind, that I went tomato picking for pasta. I got there only to find that the tomatoes had been unattended for a few days and the slugs had arrived under a bush. They were having a party. They looked quite drunk. Sighing, I reached out for the first when I heard a Bark. Looking around, chicken #2 and chicken #3 had followed me like dogs and were peering round the fence with beady eyes. Brilliant. Took chickens to slugs, chickens ate all of the slugs and a few tomatoes and then I threw a stick and they left. No, I actually just chased them out.

Taskmaster had been busy finishing up our house (relief) and continued today. Ownerlady sewed up the new couch covers and I drew Proteas on the scatter cushions. Blinds painted white, bookshelf painted white…Collecting paint tomorrow – because it all starts!!! Four days, total revamp…from Rustic Drab to Eco Fab! Here are some of the before shots:

More photos of the During and After coming this week!!!

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