Smile like you mean it.

Yesterday was a great day. I decided to be nice to everyone. Eye contact, smile, full attention. It was very interesting. I got:

  • 1 Proposal (from assistant at hardware shop-very flattered but, er.. no thanks, not ever. )
  • 1 free sausage and the best service ever (no, not what you thinking-from the lady assistant at the deli)
  • Lots of wierd looks as though “what the hell do you want/what are you on/where’s the hidden camera/where did you escape from”
  • Mimed apologies (From confused road-raged drivers in the wrong after I waved and smiled)

And I had a good luck day too:

  • Designer friend emailed to say paint shop had donated large amounts of paint for the Ecolodge revamp.
  • The wind stopped.
  • The sun came out.
  • Taskmaster stopped work for the first time in months and we went surfing.
  • Kingoftheplayground didnt run away and get lost once…oh wait, just the once. Found him barefoot in puddles “just runnin’ alon’ “
  • The renovations should theoretically be finished by tomorrow.
  • The jumping castle has been booked for Good Hope Nursery’s next event on 5th April – Fynbos Family Day.
  • Found this Protea repens in flower:                                                                                                                                                    Later on…

We discovered where on earth chicken #2 and chicken #3 have been hiding their eggs. Mike the BB man found a clutch of old and new eggs all cosy in a nest of sticks under an old gum tree. Got given dirty looks of hate and the beady-eye each time I passed them…. Smiles do not work on chickens!!!

One thought on “Smile like you mean it.

  1. Hi Roushanna, what a lovely, jaunty blog. I hope you have told all the people in your email list about it.
    Am really looking forward to reading about the makeover of the EcoLodge.

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