Rain & photos

Descriptive: The plants are happy today. Finally a break from the sun – its  raining and the mist is rolling over our mountain.I am being serenaded by the beep-beep of the nursery truck backing up, ready to load a flatbed of proteas. The wind blows gently at my back as I type because there is no wall. No, I am not outside, there just is no wall because we are still renovating and the wall, she is gone.

Reality: The office was broken into last night, and they stole …wait for it..the computer mouse. Amazing! Why? We were going to get a pack of dogs but maybe we should get cats…mmm.So many jokes, so little time.

Reality continues: I’m packing and packing for the Big Move – so I’m just going to leave you with this beautiful photo and get on with it all…oh, and drink lots of tea and a slice of  Poppy-seed cake from the tea garden. Always time for that!

She is quite grumpy in the mornings  – but making an effort here to show her good side for the photo. Haha. Have a great day.

One thought on “Rain & photos

  1. love your blog! mmmm thinking about it i should really be writing on mine – oops! will have to pop round for a visit, looking forward to seeing the make over!!! shout if you and mel need help x robyn

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